On Demand Training

"come intrigued, leave inspired"

EMPLOYERS: Are your employees project-ready?

Small Business Owners:
Train your staff on specific projects.

HR Executives & Training Coordinators:
Fulfill your learning and development objectives with measurable training.


Contact us to discuss customized on-site Microsoft Office classes that include reference materials to ensure your employees will be ready to handle challenging assignments.

Whether you are a small business owner looking to train your staff to accomplish specific projects or an HR executive who needs to implement company-wide training, Office Leverage will design custom training to improve employee productivity.

  • Online group classes
  • Help Desk calls (ideal if you do not have an in-house desktop applications trainers)
  • Onsite group classes

Employees become empowered with new skills and are ready for their next task. They learn time-efficient strategies to complete simple to complex projects.

Call us to discuss your business development objectives so we may design a personalized curriculum with measurable goals. Office Leverage: 888.364.4222


INDIVIDUALS: Are you project-ready?


  • Not sure how to setup a PowerPoint presentation?
  • Think there is an easier way in Excel?
  • Want to record a macro to save time doing a repetitive task?

Are you working on a project that is above your current skill level? Taking on challenging projects can help you advance your career: we can help if you are not fully prepared.

If you are up against a deadline, call us to help design, create or train on a specific project. If you want to start preparing for a job promotion or Word, Excel or PowerPoint project, call use for a personalized, one-on-one class. If you need help frequently, reserve a frequent caller card. 

Our experts can diffuse your crisis with on-demand answers. Call for a frequent caller card or a one-time session. Just $25 for 15 minutes (min. 30 minutes for non-frequent callers). First-time customers: Receive a 15-minute bonus with your first on-demand call!
Second-time customers: Receive a coupon to attend an Excel Leverage webinar for free. There are other perks for repeat customers with the biggest one being able to perform your job better.