On Demand Microsoft Office Help

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You asked and we answered! The following are links to brief video demos we created for frequently asked questions in Microsoft Office. Click on the link to view an under 5-minute video on a given topic.


Microsoft Word
Create labels with Mail Merge http://www.screenr.com/RpFs (November 2011)

Microsoft Excel
(Coming soon)

Microsoft PowerPoint
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Microsoft Outlook
(Coming soon)

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For in-depth assistance, give us a call for a private session or attend one of our Excel Leverage webinars.


View schedule at http://officeleverage.eventbrite.com/. If a webinar is not listed, contact us so we may schedule one that is convenient for you. Classes are $30.


Please call us with questions – we love to talk Office! 888.364.4222

Our Excel Leverage webinars are interactive where you will work on your own spreadsheet during the class. They are designed for Office 2007/2010 however you do not have to have the software if you would like to watch the instructor. At this time, we cannot accommodate mixed Mac and PC classes. If you would like a Mac only version, please contact us. You may also request an Office 2003 version of the exercise files however there may be some features that are not available in previous versions.