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Over a billion people use Microsoft Office® worldwide. It is an invaluable tool to help you breeze through work assignments effortlessly. That is, if you know how to use it.

We want to share Microsoft Office® tips with you so you can make your keyboard dance. Not looking to impress your co-workers or manager? Well, we can streamline your work projects so you can leave on time or focus on something aside from designing a spreadsheet or updating a presentation. Whether you want to call us gurus, experts, consultants or teachers, Office Leverage is here to make learning Microsoft Office seamless. It doesn’t hurt that we are priced less than most of our competitors. We provide superior value that is accessible by all budgets. Register for one of our Excel Leverage webinars or schedule a one-on-one training in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. We have taught over 1,000 classes…we won’t waste your time.

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“Excel is not complicated once you know what you’re doing. Office Leverage’s webinars make it very clear with detailed instructions. The examples make it easy for me to understand the concepts and apply them to my own work. I can’t believe the price. It’s such a value for what is being taught. This is great!”

Brittne Nelson, PhD, Senior State Researcher | AARP.org




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“I started working with Office Leverage to create a better system so I would not have to stay at the office until midnight doing billing. It has changed the way I run my practice. It amazes me how quickly Melanie can do things in Excel. I want to take the full series so I can stop wasting so much time.”

Michelle Cauley, LCSW, BCD,  Founder | Cauley & Associates