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Office Leverage is a Microsoft Office® training firm specializing in helping employees and businesses acquire skill sets to propel their company forward.

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Excel Leverage Webinars

Commit to learning Excel at your own pace--level by level. Work with a live instructor to complete the exercises on your own computer. Understand Excel in 60-minute, interactive increments throughout the calendar year.  Packages: Proficient-$150 (3 classes), PowerUser $300 (6 classes) or Committed Learner-$450 (9 classes). view a list of our targeted Excel webinars


Windows 8 Training

We partnered with RToCents to offer online and live training (Los Angeles) for those who have upgraded their system and cannot find what they need. Avoid hours of frustration by letting us give you a tour of Windows 8.  view upcoming Windows 8 events


Microsoft Office Employee Training

We provide custom training for one employee up to 200 employees in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access or Publisher. Our training may be delivered at your office or online. view more


Just Tell Me

Ever feel like you wanted to call someone for a quick answer so you can move on with your project? If your manager asks you to work on a project involving Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, you can feel more confident accepting it knowing a Microsoft Master Instructor is able to diffuse your crisis. view more


Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Exam Prep

Build confidence by mastering shortcuts and techniques not taught in standard how-to books. Work with a coach who can save you hours of research trying to find a resolution online. view more


On-Demand Consultant

Are you wasting time performing tasks the long way? Learn what you don’t know. Our certified Master Instructors will review your project online and recommend strategies to save you time and money. We can design basic to complex templates to streamline your company’s forms. view more


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Inspired to learn

The learning does not end when the training session is completed. We provide reference materials so students can continue to learn features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access.




Project-Ready Employees

Contact us to discuss customized on-site Microsoft Office classes.  At the end of the training your employees will be ready to handle challenging assignments. Call us at 888.364.4222 so we can help your employees become project-ready.